SWARM is a Drum & Bass DJ and Producer from Essex, UK.

Growing up in the 80’s on a diet of hip hop, and forging his musical taste in the 90’s rave scene, SWARM has been obsessed with electronic dance music his whole life.  Like many others back then, it was Hardcore, Jungle and then Drum & Bass which really captured his imagination, and set him off on a journey into music, technology, DJing, and production.

His style is unorthodox and SWARM plays and produces all styles of DNB, as long as it’s got soul, vibes, big bass, and energy.

The music I play has to create a feeling, tap into the animal instinct that makes us want to dance and forget the worries of day to day lifeThe music must bring people together, this is the SWARM.  Not me, it’s what happens when I play the music.”

SWARM is a regular on the underground DNB scene at clubs and events around Essex, and London, and has played events and festivals across the UK.  He is also big into streaming and has regular shows on many of the main platforms.

“The plan for 2024 is to play more events, get deeper into the production and build out that unique SWARM sound.  I also want to support and promote the new DNB music that is coming out of Essex, we are blessed to have so much talent and a young scene of ravers coming through.  I also want to support the promoters, past and present, because without them the events and the scene wouldn’t happen.”

Catch SWARM live on SMC Radio, the last Thursday of every month, 7pm to 9pm, for everything DNB, with interviews, new music, and guest mixes from the faces that make up the Essex DNB scene.


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