Chris Piper


Chris Piper (Piper)


Chris has been involved in music from a fairly young age. From playing lead trombone solo on the stage at the Albert Hall when still a schoolboy to being in several local bands and managing Industrial EBM pioneers Nitzer Ebb, Chris has always loved the world of the DJ.

Chris first started his journey into the world of DJing when working at a local university. Chris presented serval “themed” nights ranging from “School Disco” to “Bad Taste nite” This was back in the 90s when vinyl and cassette were the only sound sources easily available.

Over the Past 2 years, Chris has been DJing at local venues focusing again on themes such as 80’s, 90’s and Electronic.

This will be “Piper’s” first footsteps into the world of radio. He is really looking forward to sharing his selections with you in the coming months. The show will be called ElektroShok and Chris will be sharing classic Electronic, Electro, EBM, Trance and many other electronica genres. Future show’s will feature guest appearances from musicians, influencers, movers and shakers in the industry. We hope you enjoy.

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